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Vacay helps patients, therapists, doctors and clinics to optimize treatments so they can concentrate on the therapy progress

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Morpheus is the App to assist DBT and CBT


Ambulatory Assessments, Feedback and simple Surveys


Digital DBT, Mindfulness and Stress Tolerance Games

Psychiatries and psychotherapeutic clinics are working at their maximum capacity

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In the U.S. every fifth adult has a mental, behavioral or emotional disorder

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$88 billion direct costs of total health spending of the U.S account to mental illness treatment. The worldwide indirect and direct costs are estimated to be 2,5 trillion U.S. dollars

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Uninsured and poor adults are almost twice as likely to be affected by mental illnesses

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Only 43% of people with mental illnesses receive treatment

Together with world leading scientists we are working towards a future where eveyone has access to mental health treatment. Everyone should know: Mental illnesses can be treated

We thank our mentors and partners

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Bohus

Medical Director Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim

Dr. Nora Goerg

Researcher and psychotherapist

Prof. Dr. Bernhard G. Humm

Director Institute for Applied Computer Science Darmstadt

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