A new way to cope with acute stress

Skills is a collection of 13 games that help to focus on the here and now. The mini-games are mindfulness and distress tolerance skills that can be used anywhere. Skills is developed together with psychologists.

Every person reacts in different ways to sensory input. Stress management games, called Skills, are designed to stimulate different sensory channels (audio, visual, motoric and logic). The games automatically adapt their difficulty to not bore you or cause frustration.

Color Cycle

Combining reading and color this skills activates two different parts of the brain. Can be used in high stress situations.

Pitch Matching

Remember and match the pitch.

Percussion Pattern

Activate your short term memory to remember a musical pattern

Bubble Pop

Pop the bubbles with the ball to dissolve your stress

Rolling Ball

Tilt your phone and use motion to help you refocus

Square Pattern

React to patterns and sounds. The better you will get, the faster the dots appear. 

Last Added

Trains your memory and requires you being focussed. Learn to ignore the distractions surrounding you.


Quickly solve math problems to focus your mind

Orientation Finder

Close your eyes, listen, and carefully rotate your phone to find the target orientation.


Calibrate your inner clock and focus your mind

Color Logic

Match colors. A simple skill that can be used in high stress situations.

Speed Morse

This skill requires memory and rhythm, two highly complex task that will focus your attention.

Jump Up

Hold your phone tight and jump as high as you can to reach the platforms.